About Fusion Shows

Fusion Shows is an independent concert promotion company based in Lansing, Michigan. We book, market, and produce live concert events throughout the state of Michigan. Our company was founded in 2008 by two friends, Nate Dorough of Howell and Irving Ronk of East Lansing, who were each presenting small concerts in their hometowns. After working together on a few events, we decided to “fuse” their two DIY organizations into one legitimate company. And on January 1, 2008, Fusion Shows was launched.

Today, nearly 1500 events later, Fusion Shows is one of the most forward-thinking and fan-friendly concert promoters in the world. Our tickets are, and always have been, 100% fee-free to the customer, which is a distinct departure from what’s considered the norm in purchasing tickets through other promoters. A $15.00 ticket costs $15.00, and the minimal costs of selling those tickets is internalized. This approach is what we believe to be the right thing to do.

We at Fusion Shows couple that belief in the rights of the fan to have an affordable experience with a focus on fostering and growing the music communities in each of our markets, and throughout the state. While we’d certainly not pass on doing a show for Metallica or Lady Gaga, we thrive in working with local and regional talent, mixed with today’s hottest touring talent. Our shows are intimate, our business practices are transparent, and we believe in communication, fair treatment for all, and setting a standard for positivity and support for artists and fans alike.

Our diverse team is made up of music lovers of all ages and backgrounds. We’re friends first, and that love and mutual respect for one another is what we try to bring to every aspect of our events.

Meet The Fusion Shows Team!

Nate Dorough

Lead Talent Buyer / Co-Owner
Howell, Michigan

The ringleader of the Fusion Shows circus, Nate has been booking shows throughout Michigan since starting the Livingston Underground in 2004. He's often found with his head buried in his laptop, cell phone glued to his ear, and often answers your email before you've even clicked send. And usually, it's like 23 paragraphs, with a link to a blog with 32 more paragraphs, and lots of bold font and capital letters.

Irving Ronk

East Lansing, Michigan

The Lansing music scene has pretty much been a huge part of Irving's life since he was a small fry. Since co-founding Fusion Shows, Irv flipped the script, and is now a huge part of not only Lansing's, but Michigan's, music community. Which is funny, because he's told us before that he "hates bands". Unless you're Coldplay. Or Kings Of Leon. Or John Mayer. I personally don't believe him.

Ron Howard

Marketing Director
Lansing, Michigan

"Promo uploaded" and "Promo updated". That's Ron's most often emailed words as he creates and updates our flyers. All inside jokes aside, Ron's the man behind the visual branding and social networking for Fusion Shows. He loves dogs, and you can often find him volunteering at the local animal shelter. And he's getting married this year, so make sure you say "congrats" when you see him next!

Scott Bell

Assistant Talent Buyer
Lansing, Michigan

For years, Scott ran this city's music community as half of Bermuda Mohawk Productions. Their team wanted to focus on their label, so he joined Fusion, and is definitely the funniest guy on our team. His ability to flip from tour manager to talent buyer to production manager to stage-diving fan and back again brings an undeniable energy to our team.

Connor LaRowe

Assistant Talent Buyer
Howell, Michigan

Connor has finally graduated, and is in the office every day now, and we're so excited to have him home! He's been with us since he was like 14 in some fashion, and he's gone from "really good at this for his age" to "really good at this". And besides, he knows MC Lars. Automatic cool points, right there.

Evan Myers

Production Manager
Lansing, Michigan

Evan won his spot with us by once pulling Joe Hertler's naked body out of the shower because he was running late. No, really. Evan has been part of the business end of the Rainbow Seekers for some time now, making sure that one of the most creative (and scatter-brained) group of musicians alive are all accounted for and on-time. That leadership and organizational skill was something we had to have. Also, he has a very nice beard.

Marites Woodbury

Box Office
East Lansing, Michigan

Mars is famous for printing the word "SUMBIT" and leaving it on a submission box when she used to work for The Impact at MSU for like 2 years. Now, she's usually taking your money at the Loft or Mac's, smiling, hugging people, and DJ'ing at 94.1 WVIC in Lansing in her "spare time".

Michelle Baker

Box Office
Okemos, Michigan

She's back! She disappeared to Germany for a few years when she graduated, but our longtime favorite box office person has returned, and it's so freaking good to have her home with us! Michelle's been Irv's right-hand-woman since he started doing shows way back when, and literal tears were shed when we got to hug her again for the first time!

Mike Cruz

Box Office
Pontiac, Michigan

Mike's now working full-time at The Crofoot, but he's on this page still because he's DJ Mike Cruz, and he forever belongs to us. We're just letting the Crofoot borrow him. You'll find him working merch, posting on Facebook, all while moshing (not really) to Attack Attack and Brokencyde (really).

Katelyn Dudley

Box Office
Milford, Michigan

Remember what we said earlier about Katrina? About how she loves music more than anyone. Well, she's got competition. K-Dudd has been coming to our shows for as long as we've been putting them on, and some years ago, basically told us that she was going to help in some fashion. Now, you'll see her smiling face in the box office at the Crofoot, and helping out wherever she can!

Seth Rentfrow

Box Office
Dansville, Michigan

Seth's famous for his cameo in the recent "Luke Goes To Bled Fest" video, and for playing and singing in Lansing pop-punk trio (sometimes quartet) Way To Fall. He's also responsible for taking your hard earned cash at Lansing shows. He's just a great dude.

Luke Nowland

Street Marketing / Box Office
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Luke is awesome. Usually, he has a great beard, but suddenly showed up to a show the other day without one, which was weird. He's the man behind Good Day, Good Sir, and got his job with us basically by driving all the way from Grand Rapids to Frankenmuth to help one of our sound guys load his heavy gear in. Just because it was nice. Go say hello to him at the Guitar Center in Grand Rapids.

Aubrey Roskoskey

Forever Intern
Grand Ledge, Michigan

I think Aubrey's going to intern for us forever. And I think she's OK with that. She takes a lot of verbal abuse, especially from Ron, but she's one of the sweetest and most wonderful humans that was ever placed on this earth, and she's got some mad design skills to boot. But she does have to be home for dinner by 5pm every night, which is very cute. She's also eventually gonna marry that kid from that one band, but I'm not sure he knows it yet.

Support Staff

Christopher Abalos

Web Engineer / Systems Administrator
Small Business Websites – Cemah Creative LLC
Lexington, Michigan

Chris brought us an idea a few years ago for a Michigan-centric music community website. We kind of said "sure dude" and trusted him. And now we have the coolest independent promoter website in the country. Never mind that he's also the bass player in Monument Monument, and otherwise a talented dude. We're just happy he's on our side.

Sara Stollings

Web Design
Small Business Websites – Cemah Creative LLC
Lexington, Michigan

While Chris is coding websites like ours, Sara's spending her time making em look pretty. When not stalking Jared Leto. Actually, she doesn't do that anymore. But I think she maybe used to? Now she just kayaks, cross stitches, watches the Red Wings, and gets ready to be Sara Abalos! We miss them both since they moved far away, but we love that they're still ours!

Austin Sloan

Accountant - Sloan and Associates, PLLC
Howell, Michigan

Austin's the perfect example of someone who can't be judged by only reading the cover. 9 to 5 (or 6 to 10 in tax season), Austin's our accountant, keeping our numbers straight, and making sure we don't bounce any checks. But at night, he's been known to be one of the most devastating hardcore dancers in the state. You'll see him watching Bane or Comeback Kid, For Today or Backtrack. Dude LOVES hardcore.

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