About Fusion Shows

Fusion Shows is an independent concert promotion company based in Lansing, Michigan. We book, market, and produce live concert events throughout the state of Michigan. Our company was founded in 2008 by two friends, Nate Dorough of Howell and Irving Ronk of East Lansing, who were each presenting small concerts in their hometowns. After working together on a few events, we decided to “fuse” their two DIY organizations into one legitimate company. And on January 1, 2008, Fusion Shows was launched.

Today, nearly 900 events later, Fusion Shows is one of the most forward-thinking and fan-friendly concert promoters in the world. Our tickets are, and always have been, 100% fee-free to the customer, which is a distinct departure from what’s considered the norm in purchasing tickets through other promoters. A $15.00 ticket costs $15.00, and the minimal costs of selling those tickets is internalized. This approach is what we believe to be the right thing to do.

We at Fusion Shows couple that belief in the rights of the fan to have an affordable experience with a focus on fostering and growing the music communities in each of our markets, and throughout the state. While we’d certainly not pass on doing a show for Metallica or Lady Gaga, we thrive in working with local and regional talent, mixed with today’s hottest touring talent. Our shows are intimate, our business practices are transparent, and we believe in communication, fair treatment for all, and setting a standard for positivity and support for artists and fans alike.

Our diverse team is made up of music lovers of all ages and backgrounds. We’re friends first, and that love and mutual respect for one another is what we try to bring to every aspect of our events.

Meet The Fusion Shows Team!

Nate Dorough

Talent Buying / Co-Owner
Howell, Michigan

I’m the ringleader of this traveling circus. I like to think I’m a pretty decent guy. I don’t like to talk about myself, so I’m going to tell you about the rest of our team. Meanwhile, let’s play some disc golf or eat some food together sometime. Or go kayaking! I love kayaking.

Irving Ronk

Marketing / Co-Owner
East Lansing, Michigan

Irving has been synonymous with live music in the Lansing area since he was a little guy. Irv’s expertise in all things relating to the live music industry makes him the ideal partner for Fusion. He’s bought talent, headed up our production, and now works to lead our marketing department. And the dude’s an amazing hockey player.

Ron Howard

Design / Social Networking
Lansing, Michigan

Ron is a prodigy and an entrepreneur of the variety that we love at Fusion Shows. I met him as a 15 year old owner of an internet radio station (SayHy till I die…), with a penchant for making concert posters that were leaps and bounds better than anything I could create on my own. He’s been my go-to guy since 2005, and I couldn’t ask for more out of him. College be damned, he’s the best there is at building a visual brand, and I owe everything to him.

Scott Bell

Talent Buying
Lansing, Michigan

Scott is one of our newest additions to the team. For years, Scott ran his part of town as half of Bermuda Mohawk Productions. The team at Bermuda Mohawk decided to focus their efforts on their ever-growing record label, and Scott came to me to ask if he could join up with us and bring us his shows! I said “Yup”, and added the role of production manager to his busy life. Seeing him run a show like a pro and convert to a stage-diving, fist-pumping music fan and back again reminds us why we’re doing this. His energy is contagious.

Katrina Bright

Booking Assistant
Lansing, Michigan

We’re excited to have Katrina as an official member of our team, now that she’s graduated from college! She was our summer intern in 2011, and she brightens our day with her enthusiasm and sense of humor. Hell, her nickname is “Giggles”. Well, that’s what we call her. Ask her about it. She’s sure to live up to it. Anyway, she’s the glue that holds this place together, and will be for a long time.

Connor LaRowe

Marketing Assistant
Howell, Michigan

If Katrina’s the glue, well, then Connor’s the 2nd bottle of glue. Dude’s done more in the concert business before his 20th birthday than most do in a career. He could teach his music business classes at Ferris State. We give him lots of crap for looking young, but he gets the ladies, so I guess he wins. He’s the most capable minor on our team, and I’d put him up there with most capable minor on the planet. We love Connor, and can’t wait until he gets out of school and takes over our company!

Josh Talo

Street Marketing
Lansing, Michigan

Josh has been a part of my music endeavors for about as long as I have. You can always tell he's at a show, because he's the guy who's in the middle of the pit, whose head you can't see over because he's tall. He used to hang up posters for us around town, and apparently, we stopped giving them to him for a while, so he thought we hated him. And then I forgot to add him to this page because he didn't have a Facebook account, so he probably really thinks we hate him. But we don't hate him. We love him. He's one of the best human beings on the planet, and we love having him around!

Mike Cruz

Box Office
Pontiac, Michigan

You’ve heard it. You’re standing at a show in the Detroit area, and this good-looking dude walks in, and you hear “DJ Mike Cruuuuuuuzzzzzz” ring through the venue. Mike’s our go-to guy at the Crofoot, he loves Attack Attack and Brokencyde ironically (or maybe not?), and he is one of my personal favorite people.

Evan Myers

Mount Pleasant, Michigan

The newest member of our team won his spot with us by once pulling Joe Hertler's naked body out of the shower because he was running late. No, really. Evan has been part of the business end of the Rainbow Seekers for some time now, making sure that one of the most creative (and scatter-brained) group of musicians alive are all accounted for and on-time. That leadership and organizational skill was something we had to have. Also, he has a very nice beard.

Katelyn Dudley

Box Office
Milford, Michigan

What can you say about “K-Dudd” that hasn’t already been said? When looking to fill out the ranks of our team, we just see who’s in the front row. Who lives to see live music? Who spends every last penny of their income on shirts, CDs, vinyl, and concert tickets. Katelyn is music fan personified, and her commitment level to her local and regional music scene is unmatched, and we’re so lucky to have her on our side!

Marites Woodbury

Office Intern / Box Office
East Lansing, Michigan

An unrestrained (and completely adorable) bundle of positive energy, “Mars” spends her “spare” time as the music director at Impact 89FM and being our super-intern, doing anything we ever ask her to! In her non-spare time, she’s a student at MSU. The world isn’t ready for this girl to graduate.

Seth Rentfrow

Box Office
Dansville, Michigan

You may know Seth as the good-looking bass player in Lansing-area pop-punk band Way To Fall. Or you may know Seth as all-around-talented-and-hard-working-dude. We know him as both, and we’re happy to have recently added him to our team!

Luke Nowland

Street Marketing / Box Office
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Sometimes, you just fall into a job. One day when I was feeling particularly overwhelmed with a show, I posted on Facebook a request: "Hey, who wants to come to the show tonight in Frankenmuth and help load gear, etc.?" Out of nowhere, Luke was all like, "I got you, dawg." He showed up before anyone else, helped all day, had a great time, and broke the news that he had driven from Grand Rapids to pitch in. For no pay. Because he loves music. Job attained. Welcome to the team, Luke.

Aubrey Roskoskey

Design Intern
Grand Ledge, Michigan

Few things make Ron Howard happier than someone who understands him. Who understands that you CANNOT SEND SOMEONE A PDF WITHOUT FIRST CREATING OUTLINES! I don't know what that means. But Aubrey does. And she digs music. And she's really nice. So she's on the team, because she's the only one who's gonna understand what the hell Ron's rambling about.

Amber Stokosa

Office Intern
Haslett, Michigan

Amber's one of those people where you look at the resume and say "Yeah, we'll make room for her." She dabbles in photography, journalism, has done ticketing and marketing and just about everything else in the biz. And now she's ours. We're excited to have her on for the winter/spring semester in the office, working on our venue relations and marketing!

Michelle Feghali

Office Intern
East Lansing, Michigan

When it came time to interview candidates for our office internship, Michelle came into the office, answered all of our questions pretty expertly, and then flipped the tables on us, pretty much interviewing us with a bunch of great questions about where we're headed, where I want to be in 10 years, etc. Her love of live music is undeniable (she works at The Impact radio station at MSU), and she recently left an internship halfway through because they weren't making her work hard enough. Uh, yeah, I think that's what we're looking for.

Support Staff

Christopher Abalos

Web Engineer / Systems Administrator
Small Business Web Design by Cemah Creative LLC
Livonia, Michigan

Some people are just smarter than you, and you know it, and you're OK with it. A few years ago, Chris, then known to me as bass player of Monument Monument, Red Wings fan, and all around good dude, came to me and told me "Hey, I make websites." I was like "Whatever, dude." Fast-forward like six months, and he drops on me the coolest website that any independent concert promoter has ever seen. We're proud to have him on our side.

Sara Stollings

Web Design
Small Business Web Design by Cemah Creative LLC
Livonia, Michigan

Sara completes Chris. Not only because they're getting married. She's also an incredibly talented graphic designer, allowing Chris to bury his head in code for 12 hours a day. She's the reason our site LOOKS so good. She's also a huge Wings fan, has a pet bearded dragon, and can cross-stitch her way out of most situations. That's a pretty solid skill set, if you ask me.

Austin Sloan

Accountant - Sloan and Associates, PLLC
Howell, Michigan

The only accountant I know that you'll find spin-kicking in the pit at a hardcore show on weekends. In fact, just the other day, while in the pit at the For Today show in Lansing, Austin carried a kid who was belligerently hurting people out of the pit, down the stairs, and out onto the sidewalk. He calmed the dude down, and then returned to picking up quarters and generally destroying everything in sight. We've been friends since the beginning of my music endeavors, married his wife who he met while playing our shows, and knows tax code and accounting so much so that I don't have to!

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