We love hearing about new music.  Wanna play a show with us?  Read below to find out how!

Michigan Artists

To submit your act for consideration for booking, please email Erica Marra at erica@thecrofoot.com with the following information.  The subject of the email should be “Booking: _________ “ (fill in the blank with the act’s name)

  • A direct link to where we can find your music.  Please make sure we don’t have to like your page to listen to your music.
  • Your contact information, including name, email address, and phone number.
  • A short bio about your act.
  • Your availability.
  • A short review of you plan to promote your event if booked.

Please do not attach any music or other files to your email!  If your email contains attachments, it will be filtered out.

Independent Touring Artists

Please email Erica with the same info listed above, and make sure to include what dates and markets/venues you’re looking to play.  Also, if you have touring history in Michigan, please include that!

I Sent You An Email.  Now What?

We receive hundreds of emails each day.  Hundreds of booking requests per month.  We try very hard to respond to everyone.  If it has been more than 4 weeks and you have yet to receive a response, please reference the original email and send a follow up.  If you didn’t follow the directions above, it’s entirely possible you won’t receive an email back from us.

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