Friday September 9, 2016 7:00pm
Bear Vs. Shark
Heart Attack Man, Pink Lightning
The Loving Touch Ferndale , MI
All Ages
Sold Out

In an era currently saddled neck-deep in genre-dictated complacency, it’s often hard for discriminating music fans to find bands imbued with a sense of originality. The gentlemen behind Bear Vs Shark (BVS) – one of Equal Vision’s most dizzyingly talented and diverse outfits – feel the exact same way. After all, these Michigan natives are, above everything, music fans themselves, which seems like something of an oddity when the majority of modern musical success is predominantly based upon purely financial and corporate themed goals.

BVS, however, has much more refreshing intentions. According to amiable frontman Marc Paffi, “We want our records and shows to be as vibrant and exciting for us as they might be for our fans. We’re all fans of older music and take influence from a lot of the stuff we grew up listening to. I think that helps us have a unique slant on things, especially during a time when so much music seems to be mass-produced.”

While BVS’s consistent touring ethic goes without saying, what really sets the group’s live show apart is its intense and cathartic let-it-all-out ability. Many fans, in fact, were made converts strictly because of the band’s kinetic live shows, where one is bound to see BVS spilling it all out every single night. In fact, Paffi has even been known to take his act right on down to the floor and in the audience’s face.