If Depeche Mode met Radiohead, Arcade Fire and Neil Young in a dark – ok, make that sun-splashed – alley you might end up with something that resonates like the infectious strains of Cassidy Bisher.

Singer-guitarist Cassidy Bisher stands ready to change the very definition of alternative rock, with music that’s at once atmospheric, melodic and fiercely edgy.

With his charismatic vocals, he’s refashioned rock and synth pop into accessible music aiming to infuse each song with “moments of strong emotions from the melodies that are sung,” continues Bisher, “Music transcends language so that always has to be number one.”

Influences as far-flung as Smashing Pumpkins, The Police, and Depeche Mode to The Beatles, Aphex Twin and Radiohead give his music a truly uncommon resume – boasting decades of rock ‘n’ roll seasoning between his electronic music, yet one clearly embracing the future by taking a bold step forward to push the boundaries of alt-rock and pop.

Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Boy From School plays upbeat, danceable indie-rock perfect for backyard get-togethers and long summer drives with the windows down. Keyboard sounds from the 1980s and shiny-but-gritty guitar riffs accompany lyrics on themes ranging from freak weather and its effect on the mind to love/hate relationships with all manner of things, including work, beer, people, and swimming. 

The band’s roster is made up of vocalist/guitarist Alex Mason, keyboardist Adam Baker, synthesizer-ist Erin Dickson, bassist Beniah Dickson, and drummer Christian VanDuinen. Bam.

Their latest release, entitled Northern Cities Shift, is a driving collection of songs that is at once fresh and familiar, with hints of 2000s indie rock (like Vampire Weekend or Guster), plus choruses you can’t help but sing along to.

You might find them galavanting around Grand Rapids, speaking to each other in foreign languages and made-up accents, climbing old ruins, or sipping post-practice pints at Founders Brewing Co. You’d be luckier to catch them on stage. Among the venues they’ve played in GR are Billy’s Lounge, The Pyramid Scheme, The Stache, Speak EZ Lounge, and the Tip Top Deluxe etc.