Sunday March 20, 2016 8:00pm
Chief Larson and the Fire Puppets
March of the Ant, io Megaji, Ghoulie, Lucy
The Loft Lansing , MI
All Ages
Not On Sale

The band and its purpose for existence is best summed up in Chief Larson’s best-selling autobiography, “The Art of Arson,” particularly in the following excerpt:

“My days running with the [Narcissistic Arsonist] Crew were some of the best of my life, let me tell you. But eventually, as I grew older and saw more things I needed to see, I realized that I was going about my goal inefficiently, entirely the wrong way. You see, I wanted to set the world on fire, and moreover I wanted to know that the flames were of my own making. I thought for the longest time that arson was my best bet, and it really did seem like it. But what I started to see, right before I rounded up the four rascals now known as the Fire Puppets, was that the best, longest-lasting, most easily spread fires are the ones that burn within people. The music I taught the Fire Puppets to play is just old Chief Larson trying to start a fire in you and watch it spread until everything’s burning. It’s not what they play, or how good they are at their instruments. It is about the feeling, the lawlessness I instructed them to play with. They are pure entertainers. Pure fire.”