Saturday September 29, 2018 7:00pm
David Liebe Hart Band
Of Tim and Eric Awesome Show
Chip The Black Boy, Whatever Your Heart Desires, Fancy Restaurants, Dead Daughters, Lame Duck Sessions
Mac’s Bar Lansing , MI
All Ages

Best known for his roles on Adult Swim’s Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job!, David Liebe Hart is an outsider musician, actor and painter. A true original, he has communicated with extra-terrestrials, owns a large collection of puppets, and is obsessed with trains.

On stage, David unleashes his most unbridled, maniacally passionate self, complete with his decrepit ventriloquist puppets, stories of alien encounters, and heartily belted songs about space, locomotives and unrequited love.  Every show is as different and unpredictable as David is himself, and can veer from hilarity in one moment to awkward confusion in the next.  In any case, a truly unique and mind-bending experience is guaranteed.  This fall’s US tour has Liebe Hart backed by electronic wizard Jonah “Th’ Mole” Mociun.