Monday April 11, 2016 7:00pm
I'm A Piece of Sh*t Tour
Lui Diamonds, Lord Narf
The Loft Lansing , MI
All Ages
Not On Sale

Father of Awful Records is back with his latest bonkers, off-the-wall album. He hit it big with “Look At Wrist” back in 2014 with the help of Makonnen and Key! Then, he followed it up with his March 2015 album Who’s Gonna Get Fucked First. The album gained him some buzz and critical praise. He even had time to slip in the Papicodone EP last August. Now, he’s back with I’m a Piece of Shit, and it seems to be following the same artistic footsteps as Who’s Gonna…

The Atlanta rapper is the sole owner of his label Awful Records, which has been putting out some interesting artists in its own right, including acts like Abra and Rich Po Slim. Father sits at the head, and has thus far been the label’s biggest success story.

You can buy Father’s I’m a Piece of Shit on iTunes here and stream it on Spotify.