Thursday November 30, 2017 8:00pm
Super Future, Vadr, Willy Cobain
The Loft Lansing , MI
All Ages

HIZEN ( Hunter Isenhath ) is a house music producer from the capitol city, Lansing, in the state of Michigan. Hizen’s pool-side vibe consists of uplifting chords, neon synth leads, flamboyant drum hits, and much more. 

His colorful imagination turned into music during his early years of high-school when discovering house music and finally finding that feeling of belonging. Almost like that the young producer hosted his first show at a local venue during his junior year of high school.

The rest has been history from there releasing his first EP, “W.R.B.”, on iTunes & Spotify and consistently growing and releasing singles such as Alive. Hizen is continually growing throughout Michigan and now reps the Samsara Collective stemming out of Grand Rapids, MI.