Friday September 27, 2019 7:00pm
Fusion Shows Presents:
Elder Brother / Speak Low If You Speak Love
Better Off, Teddy Roberts and the Mouths, Andrea Doria
Loving Touch Ferndale, MI
All ages

Elder Brother

Elder Brother is an indie rock duo featuring Kevin Geyer of The Story So Far and Dan Rose of Day Breaker.

Speak Low If You Speak Love

No stranger to the music scene, Ryan Graham, the now 23-year-old singer-songwriter, heads back to his roots sporting just a voice and an acoustic guitar to captivate as the ever passionate Speak Low. Devoted to a rigorous and regular touring schedule and a lust for evoking untapped emotions, Speak Low is a project aimed to become a household name, thanks to Graham’s raw honesty and likeability.

Fusing elements of Evan Weiss-laden melodies with the pop sensibility of Taylor Swift, Graham produces a genuinely new outlook on the cliché acoustic scene. Not only does Speak Low refuse to cut lyrical corners, but each song is crafted with its own unique identity. With the gift of bare-boned and blunt story telling, Graham extends listeners a personal invitation into the melancholy world he calls home.

With his newest release, “Everything But What You Need,” Graham explores his pressing existential inquiries, as well as delving into his recurring life quandary: the failed relationship. Relatable and relevant, EBWYN is a record with something for everyone.

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