Sunday September 29, 2019 7:00pm
Fusion Shows Presents:
Overgrow / Better Love
The Doozers, Normal
Mac's Bar Lansing, MI
All ages


Originated in Columbus, Ohio in early 2016, Overgrow began as the solo project of singer/guitarist Jake Ciccotelli.

A side project in its early days, Overgrow functioned as Ciccotelli’s outlet for all of the facets of life that were difficult to vocalize traditionally. In late 2017, after the breakup of his previous band, Overgrow entered a period of reinvention, in which the debut EP The House You Made was written – this time with a full-band delivery. The release primarily touches on grieving the loss of Ciccotelli’s late father, who had passed away suddenly in October of 2017. The release also tackles themes of self-criticism, and taking charge of one’s own mental health.

Ciccotelli’s new EP “The Name We Share” is out now through Common Ground Records.

Better Love

Born from an ending, Chicago’s Better Love is the follow-up project of vocalist and guitarist Brad Harvey, who had gone through the breakup of a previous project shortly before the start of the pop-rock ensemble. Dan Walton, Kevin Provencher and Jackie Heuser finish the line-up.

We Were Younger and Less Put Together, the group’s debut 7-song EP, offers an introspective look into past relationships and the evolution into adulthood accompanied by flashy drum hits, high-energy, shining guitar riffs, and addictive hooks. Produced by Always Be Genius producer Seth Henderson, the EP leaves no room for staying still. Growing from the reflective and honest lyrics is a constant swell of energy, making for a memorable introductory EP.

With their single “Pretending,” the energy stays high while the mood stays cynical. “Are we getting better or getting better at Pretending?” sings Harvey against a body-twirling tempo. “’Pretending’ focuses on the present tense and sobering thoughts about the connection you have with people around you and whether or not things are actually ‘okay,’” Harvey says about the single’s subject matter. With this track, the band offers another chance to dance away the uncertainty of growing up.

Better Love’s EP, All I Ever Wanted Is To Be Where You Are, is out now!

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