Tuesday April 25, 2017 7:30pm
Penny & Sparrow
Lowland Hum, Watching for Foxes (acoustic set)
Pyramid Scheme Grand Rapids , MI
All Ages

With influences that range from The Swell Season to Iron & Wine to Stephen Sondheim, Penny & Sparrow create music that is equally as intimate and poignant as it is powerful and earnest. The songs on Let A Lover Drown You touch on the idea that living, loving and even dying are all part of the journey we experience and how they connect us. Our choices, sacrifices and pain are vital elements of this experience and help define our character. While this all may seem quite heavy, Andy Baxter and Kyle Jahnke (aka Penny & Sparrow) masterfully articulate these notions by humanizing them, making everything easily relatable. Their new album, Let A Lover Drown You, features 11 beautifully crafted songs overflowing with gorgeous melodies, soaring harmonies and thought provoking lyrics that cut right to the core.

Baxter and Jahnke began making music together in 2010 while roommates at the University of Texas in Austin. The duo built a reputation for creating strikingly honest, bare boned acoustic music that resonated deeply with those who heard their songs and saw their captivating performances, which rendered audiences silent.

True to their DIY ethos, Penny & Sparrow independently released two celebrated albums, one EP and toured the country extensively building a loyal and fervent following. Produced by John Paul White (Civil Wars) and Ben Tanner (Alabama Shakes), Let A Lover Drown You find Penny & Sparrow pushing forward while maintaining a firm footing in their signature sound, one that boasts affecting vocals and contemplative lyrics. The album introduces a denser sound than their previous work, infusing lush arrangements on tracks such as the aching opener “Finery” or the sweeping “Catalogue”. Their songs feel up close and personal and induce chills as they exude haunting beauty (“Gold”) and uplifting melodies with acoustic flourishes (“Makeshift”). The depth, dynamics and soul bearing on Let A Lover Drown You make it easy to understand why fans have such a strong connection to their music and why so many more are beginning to.