Saturday August 10, 2019 7:00pm
Fusion Shows Presents:
Tanner J Burns Band, Casa Blue, M Moody
Pyramid Scheme Grand Rapids, MI
All ages

I am likemelikeyou.

You can call me Greyson. I’m an alt-pop-rock-electronic-dance-funk artist from the 616. Just an average dude chasing big dreams, one day at a time. Music has been both my best friend and partner in crime all throughout my life. It’s never failed to excite and inspire me; to touch my soul and turn me on. I started writing my own songs at an early age, combining my adoration for music and words with my compulsive NEED to create. Over the years I’ve written hundreds of songs in pretty much every genre out there, and my passion for songwriting is stronger today than ever before. There’s a lot I hope to accomplish with my music, but more than anything I just want it to help bring me closer to people – to connect. I’m getting ready to take my show on the road in support of what’s soon to be my debut album, “The Dream”. I’ve got a lot of big things planned for 2017, and I can’t wait to share them with you. Thanks for being a part of this, it means a lot to me. hugs. kisses.

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