Having played numerous venues like the House of Blues in Cleveland, The Orbit Room, The Intersection, and other West Michigan hotspots, the alt-rock band has emerged as one of the champions of the Grand Rapids music scene.

Vocalist/guitarist Logan Bailey’s lyrics cover topics ranging from Charles Dickens and his home state of Michigan (“Copperfield & Roses” , “Lake Country”), to personal reflections on adulthood and mortality (“New Rome”, “Surgery”). “The goal is to try and connect with as many people as possible,” drummer Tim O’Connor said. “We try to write music that can inspire emotions and thoughts, but also reflect the story the words are already telling.” O’Connor and new bassist David Six make up the rhythm section, brining in a bombastic but clear style on percussion and bass, while newly minted lead guitarist Jaysyn Dundas holds the group together with sparse but complex melodic guitar hooks.

The brand new EP Combative Words is available now on iTunes and Spotify.