Friday May 6, 2016 7:00pm
Stories Untold
Album Release Show
Antevorta, Lilac Lungs, A Year In New York
The Loving Touch Ferndale , MI
All Ages
Not On Sale

Jake Clark and his friend Alex Manter set out to make a movie back in February of 2013. However, as they set out to make a soundtrack for the movie, they realized that their true passion was in music. Shortly after this realization, Tim Williams joined in on lead guitar and Brennen Moloney on drums. The group soon formed together under the name “The Accident”.

Alex Manter had to leave the band when he went into the Navy, and Kevin Quednau stepped up to take his place. Shortly afterwards, The Accident tracked their debut Ghost Town EP at Wall Of Sound Studios. Over the following year and a half, the band grew and matured musically, while polishing their performance skills and learning the ropes of the music industry.

The Ghost Town EP was a learning process for The Accident. After another year of intense practice, performance, and songwriting, they wrote and recorded their debut full-length record, (due for release in 2016). In November of 2015, the group decided to change their name to Stories Untold in order to have their name clearly represent the sound and image the band had evolved into, far displaced from their roots as a “just-for-fun” music project.