Sunday April 15, 2018 8:00pm
Capital City Film Fest Presents...
The Black Opera
Ozay Moore, Sway Boi
Mac’s Bar Lansing , MI
This event is part of the 8th Annual Capital City Film Festival. Tickets can be bought individually for each concert, or you can head to to purchase an all-access pass ($50) that gains you entry into 5 days of concerts and film screenings around the city of Lansing.
All Ages

The Black Opera is Rap’s first Performing Arts group.

The group’s primary vocalists Magestik Legend and Jamall Bufford momentarily put their solo careers on the backburner for the sake of making the following statement: Art is all that matters. Based out of Los Angeles and Detroit, The Black Opera thrives on an egoless approach for their selfless cause, they lose themselves in a different character’s costume per song during their live presentations. They are a hard act to follow. Yes, they really alter their look for every song they preform. This magical showmanship and visual ingenuity has attracted the eyes of everybody from the spiritual scientist Deepak Chopra to one of Hip-Hop’s favorite crews the Hieroglyphics, to Snoop Dogg who selected their video “Villains” as #1 on his video countdown show “Underground Heat”.  Legendary MC Tajai Massey from Souls of Mischief/Hieroglyphicssays: “If you haven’t heard or seen TBO perform, you need to slap yourself. Literally my favorite group in hip-hop right now.” Recently Deepak Chopra proclaimed The Black Opera as one of his top 3 Rap artists on The Queen Latifah Show as Latifah cued the TBO song “The Black Opera” to play.

This year The Black Opera embarks on a new era after releasing their fifth album titled African America. This album is The Black Opera’s most transparent release, displaying their raw emotions surrounding the black American experience from coping with police brutality, to being desensitized by social media, to black mental health. “African America” garnered critical acclaim from several outlets, including receiving four out of five stars from ABC News. The Black Opera’s Video Demonstration for “Beautiful City” was featured on CNN Politics, showcasing the collective’s views on the public school system and gentrification. The Black Opera did not rest on the accolades of “African America” however, they followed it up with the genre bending, generation blending experimix 80z Babiez To The 2Gz 2. For years, The Black Opera has sent warnings and many have assumed their operations were limited to underground societies and secret networks. Little did they know, The Black Opera has been among us all along. Pay close attention, new voices, composers, and creators will be revealed soon. Like “The Purloined Letter” by Edgar Allan Poe, the best way to hide something is to keep it in plain sight.

Welcome to The Black Opera.