Saturday April 9, 2016 8:00pm
Capital City Film Festival Presents...
The Dogs
Glitter Trash, Luke Warm and the Not So Hots, Grey Matter
Mac’s Bar Lansing , MI
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All Ages
Not On Sale

“Once upon a time in mid-’70s Los Angeles, The Dogs surreptitiously were lumped into the Do It Yourself ethos of the nascent punk scene, ironic since they had zoomed past all that before they even relocated there and started their High Times rehearsal/recording commune and Detroit Records label on Gower Street in Hollywood. They’d already fashioned same as teenagers in the late ’60s without industry connections, blowing the locals and visitors alike offstage in all the important venues of the Detroit/Ann Arbor/Lansing radius, later accomplishing same in Greenwich Village, New York City ’74 where their punk community sure noticed what The Dogs were doing, even if the rest of the entertainment world remained deaf, blind and moronically obstructionist.

D.I.Y.? Old hat much? For The Dogs rather, their enduring credo was ‘do it anyway’, come hell, high water, or the foremost enemy of rock and roll, the passage of time.  Just… Do It Anyway.”