Saturday June 29, 2019 7:00pm
Fusion Shows Presents:
DL Rossi
Adventures With Vultures, Stefanie Haapala, Steel Giant
The Pike Room Pontiac, MI
All ages

Crooked love vol. 1 & 2 are companion EP’s soon to be released by singer songwriter DL Rossi. A Detroit native who now resides in Nashville TN, these EP’s continue to chronicle the ups and downs of his fragile two year failed marriage that his 2017 release “The Apartment EP” started. “Some of the songs are sad and pretty raw and others are pretty positive, songs I wrote while I thought we could still work things out. In the end they didn’t.”

“This project tells the story of grace and failure. Sometimes we just have to admit that our plans didn’t work out and find a way to learn from it, and not feel shame about trying our best and putting ourselves out there. For me that learning process has lead to finding out who I am as a person and shedding the burdens of the upbringing I had and admitting that the world it creates for people isn’t one I will be living in anymore.” This album is a divorce record in a literal sense but it’s apart of a deeper divorce I have been going through since my self titled album came out 6 years ago. Despite all the pain and sadness, I have never felt more comfortable with who I am as a person. I hope people who listen to this music just feel a sense of understanding and comfort if they take the time to listen to it.”

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