Friday October 4, 2019 7:00pm
Fusion Shows Presents:
The Pike Room Pontiac, MI
All ages

Starting at age 12, Pennsylvania-native Jacob Kulick, who now goes solely by his surname, turned his tiny closet into his own private music studio and began writing and recording songs as a way to cope with his anxiety and the loneliness of being an outcast. He says, “I started making music because I felt like I had to get something out of me, although at the time I wasn’t even completely sure what that was.” Kulick shows the sharp songcraft and tight musicality he has carefully honed since first learning to play drums and guitar at a young age. Along with recording in his closet and eventually self-producing a full-length album, he co-founded a long-running band called Story of Another in high school, and later studied audio engineering at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. Still based in Pennsylvania, Kulick has found a certain solace in staying close to home, both geographically and in the emotional essence of his songwriting. “Every single time I write, it’s that same feeling from when I first started out with music—it’s still my way of dealing with all this stuff going on in my head,” he says…”No one should ever feel like they have to suppress whatever it is that they’re going through.”

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