Nate Dorough

Lead Talent Buyer

The guy behind the curtain, I guess you might say.  Nate is usually found writing long emails, which he knows that no one reads, but he still writes them.  He’s the guy negotiating the deals, cleaning up messes, and trying to keep the train on the tracks.  2000 shows later, we’re still here, so…..

Scott Bell

Assistant Talent Buyer

I never know what the hell Scott is talking about.  But I listen and pretend to understand, because he’s the one guy on our team that I want by my side when the apocalypse comes.  I have to think his legendary confidence-walk abilities matched with his incredible knowledge of the political landscape and ratchet rap lyrics will come in handy when the zombies attack.  In all realness, Scott is the king of Lansing, and we’re #blessed to have him.

Aubrey Roskoskey

Graphic Designer

Aubrey was an intern pretty much for forever.  Then finally, after forever was over, we decided to keep her full-time and make her our main graphics lady.  I mean, who else do you know that can come up with 73 cat-inspired band names each year AND put them on a poster without it looking terrible?  It takes a special skillset, and a special person, to do what Aubrey does, and we’re excited she’s on our team.

James Radick

Marketing Director

James is the new guy, but not really.  He’s been here forever, but just got here.  We just added him to the top-secret Fusion Shows staff Facebook group, and he replied by saying how he’s been waiting for that invite for years.  I guess he can be proud that he KNEW something so top secret, but maybe he should be a little ashamed that he knew about it, but it took him so long to get an invite?  Anywho, we’re excited to add him to our team as marketing director, which is to say: “Guy who posts on Twitter a lot and tries to tell street team kids when and where to pick up flyers”.

Erica Marra

Assistant Talent Buyer

Erica’s pretty great, you guys.  She was an intern, like a lot of our team, and I had to convince her to come work for us as a real job.  She hasn’t technically started yet, so we hope she doesn’t change her mind, but she’s been family since day one, and we don’t see her going anywhere.  EVER.

Curtis Dalton

Production Manager

Curtis has been doing shows since he was in diapers.  Almost not joking.  I think he was like 13 when he started, and he’s still pretty young, and been doing it for longer than any of us at Fusion.  When our production manager position came open, no one in Michigan could possibly be more qualified.  When not hanging at Fusion, you can see him at his cool DIY venue in Saginaw, Counter Culture.  Oh, and somehow, he has time to be a super-dad to two awesome kids.

Evan Myers

Promoter Rep

Have you seen this guy’s beard?  It’s so good.  Evan’s the friendly guy working with the bands at most of our shows.  I know he’s friendly, not only because he smiles and says “HELLO” in the way that I can only visualize but not describe to you (it’s patented Evan), but because the bands and the venues and the security dudes and the sound guys all love his adorable teddy bear-ness.

Marites Woodbury

Box Office

We miss Mars.  She’s on our team still, kind of like Michigan claims the Wolverine as their state animal (though there’s hardly any of them around).  That doesn’t make sense, does it?  She’s ours, but she’s not around much if at all.  But we miss her.  She really hates radio now, but visit her as she helps animals, and THEN, if we’re lucky, come see her at the door at a show from time to time!

Michelle Baker

Box Office




If you haven’t been around when Michelle makes this noise, you need to change that.  We love her.

Katie Holland

Box Office

Katie is great.  She used to be an intern for us.  And then she was a full-timer.  And now she’s neither of those anymore.  She’s very talented and very quiet and very nice, and we miss her so much.  You might find her taking your money or swiping your credit card at the door at the Pyramid Scheme!

Morgan Durfee

Box Office

Morgan’s been on the team for a bit now.  She’s says most of the things that I wish I had the guts to say.  She went back to school to get a better degree than I have, so eventually, she’ll probably be my boss.  But for now, we’re happy to have her taking your tickets at the door in Lansing from time to time!

Claire Postelli

Office Intern

Claire’s the superstar of all interns.  She does stuff before we ask.  When we do ask, she gets the task done before we’re done asking.  She’s constantly keeping us moving forward.  As with nearly intern it seems like we’ve ever had, you can also find her doing cool stuff at Impact 89FM at MSU.  She’s super great, and we’re lucky she’s ours (for now).

Kevin Kortas

Box Office / Street Marketing

Kevin’s one of those guys that’s just happy to help.  Wanna help me cut this tree down with a straw wrapper?  Happy to help.  Want to carry this 100 lb bag of concrete 4 miles in 98 degree heat?  Happy to help.  Mostly, we don’t make him do stuff like that.  Instead, you’ll see his friendly face at the box office at shows in Lansing, or hanging up posters all over the place.  What a guy, that Kevin Kortas.

Macy Fahl

Forever Intern

Another one of our summer 2016 interns, Macy’s helping Skotty out with Mac’s Bar stuff.  I warned her what she was getting into, but maybe she’s just a glutton for punishment?  I mean, she lives in Big Rapids 8 months a year, so I guess that proves that to be true.

Nickolas Peters

Forever Intern / Street Marketing

Nick was one of our summer interns in 2016, and is sticking around because he’s totally down to hang posters up all over the west side of the state.  If there’s a Fusion poster on the wall in Grand Rapids or Kalamazoo, it was probably Nick.  Unless it was hung illegally.  Then it was totally some band member.